Youth Wellness Network :: Facilitator/ Outreach Manager


I am the Outreach Manager and Facilitator for the Youth Wellness Network bringing Mental Health and Wellness programs to schools Across the Toronto District School Board. Aside from the main YWN programs, I also offer after school/ in class/ full day yoga and mindfulness programs for Students and Staff. Together with the YWN I am working to bring a healthy movement of Empowerment to Youth in each school I work in!


If interested in bringing our Mental Health and Wellness Programs, Mindfulness or a Sound bath with my Crystal Singing Bowls to your School please contact Jesse at


The Youth Wellness Network (YWN) is an organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering youth to live happier, healthier and more positive lives by creating and implementing wellness programs and presentations at schools, after school youth programs, organizations, independently run conferences and any other mediums that provide access to groups of youth of any size.

We specialize in creating and implementing programs that address the root cause, not just the surface symptoms, of the major issues and challenges that youth face. We work with schools and organizations to create a wellness strategy that is sustainable by incorporating a for youth, by youth train the trainer model. We believe that in order to shift the culture amongst our youth to embody more optimism, and well-being, we need our youth to lead the way in creating that movement.

Through our programs, we inspire youth to follow their heart, slow down their minds, break free from limiting beliefs, and discover their passion. We guide, encourage, support and empower them to do what makes them feel good, instead of what they’ve been conditioned to think is “right”. We focus on a holistic approach to wellness, with the intention of creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual(where applicable) well-being in the lives of youth across North America.

Key Issues We Address:

  • Mental Health (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Bullying (root cause – Self-Esteem)
  • Emotional Well-Being (developing emotional intelligence)
  • Student Stress (associated with school, grades and relationships)
  • Uncertainty of What Career / Education Path to Follow
  • Pressure to Succeed
  • Drugs and Alcohol Prevention
  • Physical Health (nutrition, exercise, and movement)
  • Lack of Focus / Commitment
  • Overall School Morale

Our Guiding Principles:

  • INSPIRE happiness, passion, optimism, abundance and self worth in youth
  • EMPOWER youth to break free from self-limiting and destructive paradigms and belief systems
  • ENCOURAGE youth to follow their passion
  • SUPPORT youth through the many transitions that they face
  • FACILITATE the discovery of each individual’s passion, purpose and truth
  • CONNECT youth to a community of like minded peers

Mission Statement:

To empower youth to break free from self-limiting and destructive beliefs and ideologies while encouraging them to find their passion and what makes them truly happy. To support youth in creating self-love and confidence while connecting them to resources, tools and strategies that can help facilitate a more positive and abundant outlook on life.