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In this podcast we chat about how Jesse uses yoga and meditation in his outreach programs and how he began using Tibetan and crystal singing bowls as a way to heal himself and others. We also discuss meditation practices and how they shape the way we think and feel. Jesse shares some of his own process, outlining benefits he has experienced from meditating regularly. I really enjoyed recording this episode with Jesse and learned a lot from him during this interview. Enjoy!

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Every Sunday from 9- 10 pm
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Rest – Reset – Rejuvenate with Sound Healer Jesse Buck and Friends for this weekly Soundbath experience.

Every Sunday in 2018 from 9–10 pm, tune into a live “Soundbath” feed featured on this event page! Soundbaths will include Guided Meditations, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gongs and other instruments to align us with a healing resonance. Find out about Community Event and News each week.

The intention is to provide the world with a weekly Soundbath Meditation, where we can connect and begin to resonate together in the harmony of Vibrational Medicine. Each week will be a different intention & experience with an array of Sound Healers sharing their gifts. There will be a post each week to give the viewers an update on who will be facilitating and what to expect. All are welcome to enjoy in their own unique way, whether practising Yoga, Meditating, or simply laying down and letting go into the soundscape.