The Big Love Cacao Ceremony Ecstatic Dance

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The Big Love is an ecstatic dance experience like no other, co-created and guided by conscious visionaries Darren Austin Hall and Jesse Buck.

Ecstatic Dances are becoming integral parts of the conscious awakening of humanity. They offer ways for us to connect with the incredible healing benefits of dancing and singing in community that indigenous cultures revere and offer an alternative sober party environment to those tired of the club scene. This is where the spiritual club begins! Moreover, many are realizing that ecstasy (i.e. intense feeling states) are essential to our well-being by offering us a means to enhance our consciousness, expand our energy and refuel through connection to cosmic and community vibrations.

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August 3rd // 7-11 pm

Beaches United Church // 140 Wineva Ave, Toronto


This is gonna be special.

We had actually planned on taking the summer off but oh sweet Universe, when you call, we gotta answer!

And what a call it is…

Our soul brother and the acclaimed international electronic music producer, DJ and all around incredible artist, MOSE, is going to be joining us all the way from Guatemala. Hailing originally from the USA, Mose found himself relocating to the sacred Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where he has honed his unique and stirring ethno-beat style. Darren met Mose there a few years back and an impromptu jam session found Darren lending vocals to his majestic VIDA EP and later on the stand-alone single ‘Clarity’. Both Darren and Jesse have been massive fans of Mose’s talent and have been sharing his deep grooves with as many people as they can. And after much visioning, hoping, praying, it’s an absolute dream come true to announce that we’re bringing Mose to Toronto to share his magic with all our wonderful tribe here! We will be honoring the spirit of UNITY deeply on this night as we unite with our soul brother from afar and celebrate all the mighty bridges being built the world over as we all co-create this radiant conscious culture of love, peace and freedom!

CHECK OUT Mose’s music over on his Soundcloud page: and all his stuff on his Bandcamp page: AND his VIDA EP:

All the of Big Lovin’ elements will be in place as is now tradition, meaning we’ll converge in an Opening Cacao Ceremony and ritual to aim our intentions before handing the reins to Mose to take us on an ecstatic dance journey. There will be some amazing live collaborating with Darren lending vocals. We’ll close with a mystical crystal singing bowl Soundbath with other salving elements (gongs!) helmed by Darren & Jesse with the lioness-hearted Reba Campbell lending her supernatural vocals. Healers will be on deck if you need to pause for some regeneration. Vegan treats will be on sale and some more magical elements to come! And we’ll be back at the beautiful Beach United Church to fill this holy temple with all of our love & glory.

May the Big Love Be With You … ♥

Early United: $25 until July 18th at Midnight!
Advance Peace: $30 until July 29th at Midnight!
Super close! $35 until Aug. 3rd at 3:33pm!

If you need financial assistance WE GOT U! Simply send us a private message and we’ll find a way to make sure you join the sacred fun ♥



The Big Love is an ecstatic dance experience like no other, co-created and guided by conscious visionaries Darren Austin Hall and Jesse Buck. The Big Love integrates a diversity of elements, woven together in a mandala of majestic inspiration that leaves revellers feeling naturally high, transformed and empowered. The Big Love begins by drawing people together in an opening circle where a short presentation of the evening’s intentions are shared. We then move into a Cacao Ceremony where participants drink of this sacred, raw chocolate elixir which infuses a euphoric state with all natural ingredients. Intentions are ritualized and a shamanic invocation is shared. As we enter the dance, Darren (DJ Druid) plays a set of his renowned mighty music selection as Jesse and he guide participants through an elemental map of movement and vocal cathartic release to ignite ecstatic states. The guidance supports those new to ecstatic dance as well as emboldens those savvy to the ecstatic scene with playful exercises ranging from contact dance, guided meditation, vocal releases and more to enthuse an immensely high vibration in the space that offers substantial energetic transformation. Jesse kicks it off with his genius movement skills with a unique, playful warm-up to centre ourselves and open our hearts. We move through WATER-EARTH-FIRE-SPACE/ETHER with the music inspiring a honing to the wild, natural cycles of the world, peaking in the bombast of FIRE where ‘shaking medicine’ is encouraged, before landing in the celestial devotional rhythms of SPACE/ETHER where we aim the ecstasy of our dance to higher purpose and selfhood, connecting with ‘the big love’—the field of universal love that the cosmos essentially is. We then ground everyone onto to the floor to bathe them all in an epic closing crystal singing bowl soundbath. We close with a final collective circle and ritual free-chant as we share the boons of our ecstatic healing vibrationally to the wider world.

Darren & Jesse are excited to share The Big Love! Contact them today to bring The Big Love to your conscious scenario, whether immense transformational festival, private party or other social endeavour. Darren & Jesse are devoted to helping humanity raise their vibration while also grounding our bodies to the ecstasies of the Earth. This is the evolution of the revolution.

We wish you BIG LOVE!