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I use Crystal Singing Bowls tuned the frequency of 432hz, as well as other instruments to channel sacred sound to help harmonize all aspects of the etheric, subtle energy and physical body to a vibration we like to call health. You can find a link to my SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages below to dive into your own experience of sacred sound

I share my 432hz Crystal Singing Bowls, tuned to the frequency of the Earth to release emotional blocks, expand consciousness and ground you into the Earth’s vibration, coined “an energetic hug from Mother Gaia”. I also use additional bowls tuned to the frequency of 440hz, which create binaural beats, to take you into a deep space of relaxation.

I offer Chakra Toning, Chakra Alignment Meditations, Sound Journeys for Group or private sessions, for events, yoga Classes, or any other event that would welcome my Vibrational Medicine.

Full Sound Healing Album coming Summer 2018…

** Exlusive New Releases have just been launched on my Soundcloud!

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