Yoga/ Therapeutic Movement Sessions

I believe everyone can benefit from a movement, Yoga or Meditation practice. No matter if you are an athlete looking to have the edge over your competitors, someone with an illness looking for healing, someone looking to de-stress the body/ mind, or a beginner looking to learn the basics. There is always a personal practice that will work for you and your specific needs. If you can take a breath you can do yoga and I would like to help you find a practice that works for you.

I offer Yoga/ therapeutic movement sessions by combining in a wide variety of healing modalities into my private, group, or corporate sessions.

I use a combination; Mindfulness, Meditation, Pranayama, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Qi Gong, Shaking, Creative and Primal movement to build sustainable muscle memory in the body, aligning your intention with the practice created for your needs. Each class focuses on finding a link to the breath body allowing the breath to be your guide to align your body to its fullest potential. My intention is to give you the tools that you can bring home and continue to move into your own self practice and bring holistic movement for each issue into your day to day life.

Each session will differ to what the intention is of the person or group.


Modalities Offered as additions for group and individual sessions can include::

(Details below)

  • Breathwork
  • Toning
  • Crystal Reiki Healing
  • Acuball Massage Therapy
  • Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Thai Massage

Please Contact for details.

Crystal Reiki Healing

Inspired by my work with Sound Healing and my connection to Crystals I now offer a heart opening holistic Reiki experience of Reiki with Crystal healing and Sound Therapy with my Sacred Sounding Instruments.

Sacred sounding Instruments include Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Ting Shaws, Shakers and other Vibrational Medicine tools.

Each Session will intuitively be different depending on the intention of the client.

Acuball Massage Therapy

I am a supporter and wholsaler of Dr.Cohens Acuball Products and use them in Therapeutic Movement and Massage Sessions. These massage tools are one of a kind as they are the only heatable Massage tool on the market. The heat and the simple design makes it easy to learn how to let go into your own self care.

I am available for 1 on 1 or Group Sessions to teach you how to use the different products for all your specific massage needs. In these sessions I will go through a soft restorative Yoga practice with massage breaks, helping you to let go into the balls. While you are letting go into the balls I use Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls with the accompaniment of other instruments to allow you to let go into a deep healing experience.

Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls

I use Crystal Singing Bowls, as well as other instruments to channel sacred sound to help harmonize all aspects of the etheric, subtle energy and physical body to a vibration we like to call health. I offer Chakra Toning, Chakra Alignment Meditations, Sound Journeys for Group or private sessions, for events, yoga Classes, or any other event that would welcome my Vibrational Medicine.

Thai Massage

Through my training and past study of anatomy I have developed a strong foundation for how to help others heal through intuitive healing touch. Whatever your issue is, I would like to support you on your healing path for physical, spiritual, and mental healing.

I offer 1 on 1 private Sessions, at your home or at my home studio. The sessions can be paired with crystals, Reiki, movement and Sound Healing.

Contact for more details and to arrange a booking


Credentials ::

  • ​7 Years personal practice in Meditation, Yoga and primal, creative movement
  • Outreach Manager & facilitator with the Youth Wellness Network bringing Mental Health and Wellness Programs into the Toronto District School Board as well as teaching Yoga to the students and Staff
  • 30 Hour Thai Massage Lv1 Certification at ‘The House of Yoga’ Winter 2016
  • 10 hour Restorative Yoga Certificate “’The Downward Dog Yoga Studio’ Fall 2016
  • Source Resonance Sound Healing Training with Darren Austin Hall Fall 2016
  • Spiritual Life Coaching Training with Jeffery Summer 2016
  • 250 hour Yoga Certification ’80 Gladstone Yoga Studio’ with Diane Bruni Fall 2014
  • 250 hour Yoga Certification ‘The Downward Dog Yoga Studio’ Fall 2013